Eric & I

Eric and I have been married since December 12th, 2003. We have been through a lot of different experiences since then! We moved to Mississippi in '04. Experienced Hurricane Katrina in '05, then the wreck in '06. Subsequent legal battles clear through 2011. We bought our first house in November of 2011.
Through it all, God has helped us, strengthened us and brought us to a place of closer fellowship with each other and with Him. I can honestly say that  I would not change a thing that has happened to us. We have to be willing to be gold refined by the Refiner's fire. The going through is tough, but the glory in the end is worth every miserable minute we have to endure.
Eric is still my best friend and I thank God for him daily. I wouldnt want to face each day without him. We certainly have our ups and downs, but I cannot imagine life without him.
So, together, and with God on our side, we face whatever may come.


  1. Kristina,
    I am so sorry about the news of Eric and the underage girl. I hope that you will keep your faith in God and will look to him for strength during this heartbreaking and troubled time in your life!!!! May God give you strength and peace to continue on in your life!! God Bless you!!

  2. i think the girl was a run away ya took in to help she lied on him when she could not get money or something...her family did not do nothing,,,cause you chat online dont meen you done something...where the proof,dna,photos,video was there did the girl place drugs in his drink or something,,,was there blackmail from her and stalking??? why you as wife not stand up for your man say the heffer lieing her ass off and you there everyday with your dogs...??? something odd ,,,ya just got a settlement from the law cause of the crash from the excon and police and it was like almost million dollars,,,maybe girl wanted money and lied on him or drugged him or something...he was hurt in the car crash and was on medications he could said he was too drugged up if this was some setup he could of plead insantity...i dont understand he had money he could got real hookers if he wanted and you was unable please him,,,you could of left with him when ya got the settlement to go into a new state for new job and sold out long ago can you allow your man to go to jail if this is a lie and some setup...facebook should not allow kids on it only grown ups on it the owner of facebook are to be the one going to jail....Bill clinton,lawrence taylor nfl star also nfl star rothenberger got off there stuff these young girls lied on there age to them and just paid a fine was ok even jury said these people was innocent even michael jackson,,,little kids lie on people if they cant get there way...ya should not been going to church after ya got that settlement,,,people scam on are to say something tell the news and media also judge this girl lieing was blackmailing ya or something...if there no dna,no photos,no proof you can convict anyone cause of lies...
    you are put her faces to the media you could done something,,heffer are not been stalking your man and blackmail if she was doing this...he say hes a man of christ he had a job did he have proof of threats and blackmail and lies he can win this by saying hes not guilty and saying he been threaten to plead hes really innocent he are to had a better lawyer to do his case someone top dog cause everyone seen celebs touch young girls legs and arms or hug them on tv....the girl could of drugged eric but why was she over there and you was there ?? i think shes lieing all you had to do was go with him told the law he be free now and still had his job or been transfer to another station...i dont know ya are to left long ago after the car crash and settle down ya had the money he could of retired back then and left his job and went back to his home state or somewhere quiet to live not have no internet and not much tv,,,that million would be good to start a small store to run just live off of that not mess with many should of said something at first,,,i member he went work that day that night...ya could of invested in stocks and live on a farm and had ya dogs and maybe adopted a baby if you unable have them....i know hillary stood up for bill clinton long ago that true love and everyone called her crazy on the news i got to do something expose that girl,,,maybe it was like sammy on days of our lives rapping austin when she was young and drugging austin,,,sammy fought over austin with kerry so much back in old days....or maybe she did him like kristin did father eric on days of our lives that was hardcore stuff..i dont believe the media i believe something else happen,,,that girl parents are to be in jail and the girl are to be in a dhs home,,i bet she come tell the truth if that was to happen and everyone saw her face i bet she say she lied and nothing happen....

  3. either it's "Eric and the under aged girl" or a 15 year old girl who created a detailed plan to target this guy for his settlement money...Wow....I bet you'd feel a bit different if the child was your daughter, sister, friend. What he did is called r-a-p-e. I love how Kristina says The Lord told Eric go plead guilty. Did he ask The Lord if he should molest a child? Seems like that would have been a better question to ask. This man used his job and church position to prey on children. No matter how you spin it...the forecast for Eric Law is shady with a chance of Hell.

  4. I have been thinking about you lately,, maybe it is Christmas,,maybe not, but I just pray that you are finding the strength to move forward and start over with your life,, This was a terrible thing to go through ,, there are many opinions ,,, sides,, and parts to this chapter of your life,, I just pray for peace and that you will get the pieces put back together....praying