Thursday, June 7, 2012

3-2-1 CUPCAKES!!

So, back in March, Eric and I made a trip to Illinois to visit family. While we were there, my mom told me about microwave cupcakes. I was skeptical. Breads or cakes in the microwave? Wouldn't there be hard spots, or uncooked spots? Wouldn't it be chewy and tough? Our conversation moved on to other things, and several days later, it came up again. Only this time, Mom did something about it. So whipped up several mugs of cupcakes. I'll admit, I was fairly impressed. That got my brain to churning with ideas. Variations. The options are limitless!
I came home wanting to try this for ourselves. I added the ingredients to my shopping list and then eventually added the needed items to our pantry. And they sat there, and sat there, and sat there. I was on to other things and kinda forgot about the microwave cupcakes. Then this afternoon I was having a major sweet craving, but didn't really have anything around that sounded good. I saw the ingredients sitting in my pantry, looking all innocent, and decided to give it a whirl.
You will love the ingredient list. 2 Cake mixes & Water. That's it. Impossible you say?? I did too. But it is so good!
So here we go.

One cake mix has to be angel food. The second cake mix can be any flavor you like. We love lemon at this house, so lemon seemed to be a natural place to start. I can already picture doing many other combinations.

You put both cake mixes in a gallon ziplock bag. Zip the bag closed. Then, shake. Now, let me say right here and now, I am not responsible for kitchens coated in cake mix dust from ziplock bags that do not fully close. Or do not stay closed in the shaking process. I can see the comments now, and I want to avoid the whole mess, no pun intended. Ok, so that pun may have been intended.

Moving on.

Measure 3TB of the cake mix into a regular sized coffee mug or microwave safe dish. Add 2TB of tap water. Wisk together.

Just because I had them on hand, a sprinkle of white chocolate baking chips, maybe 5 or 6 chips in the mug.

Then, microwave for 1 minute on high. All microwaves are different, so be prepared to experiment with the time. For my microwave, 1 minute is actually perfect. Below is what it looks like in the mug, after it is cooked. I should have taken a picture after I dumped it out of the mug and onto a plate. The white chocolate chips were then on top, all melty and delicious. Better than frosting!

This was super super easy, and much less calories and fat than a traditional cake or cupcake. The texture is light and moist. It really is amazing to me that a microwave could make such a scrumptious cupcake!

My brain is now mentally cataloging all the combinations I want to try.

Cinnamon Spice Cake with Cinnamon sugar sprinkles on top
Red Velvet Cake with white chocolate chips
Carrot Cake with a vanilla glaze
Chocolate Fudge with walnuts

I could go on and on!!!



  1. Ummm..sounds good!! Gonna have to try it :)

  2. Fast, easy & delicious?! Just the way I like it. Thanks!!